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With profesional cares procedure drawing on the traditions, exclusive products combine natural ingredients and innovative techniques, we offer sensory experiences and visible result.

In a natural and refined world, receive  exceptional, privileged and unique cares.

Enter a cozy and refined world. The Spa Attitude is a real lifestyle: Recharge, purify body and mind.


Our skin cares : Pure Altitude

Soin éclat givré (30mn) 45 €

(An express treatment that demo,strates all the benefits of the Pure Altitude line giving an instant glow)

Soin bol d'oxygène (60mn) 75 €

(Traditional facial designed to relax and make the complexion glow. Massaging the reflex zonesof the face induces a profound sense of well-being

Soin sève de vie  (70mn) 95 €

(This treatment combines  all the qualities of the pure Altitude Sève de Vie range and cryoderm treatmant : it makes the complexion glow, smoothes the skin and activates cell regeneration. The complexion becomes luminous and even.)

Soin liftAlpes  (70mn) 95 €

(a combinaison of lifting and firming modelling, effleurages, pinching, kneading & rolling massages and smoothing treatment redefine the facial oval: theface is visibly lifted and plumped)



Au Masculin...

Soin pureté au masculin (60min) 75 €

(A purifying, hydrating treatment especially for men, where the skin is cleansed in depth to regain freshness and purity)

Care of hands or feet

Sweetness care of hands or feet (45mn) 45 €

(Beauty hands or feet with modeling)

Celeste of hands or feet (55 minutes) 65 €

(Beauty hands or feet with srub, mask and reflexology)

Semi-permanent nail polish with its beauty enhancement of hand or feet 40 €

(hands and feet associated -15%)

Polish change 10 €


Make up

Beauty enhancement day 45 €

Evening/cocktail 60 €

Bride makeup D-D and try 135 €




Half legs/arms / Shoulders 15 €


Full legs/trunk / back 35 €


Eyebrow/lips/underarm 10 €


Classic bikini/ Brazilian bikini/ full bikini 15€/25€/35 €


(Epilation associated -10%)


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